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Pensacola News Journal’s Negativity: Bizarre & Telling

An excellent article that appeared in The Pulse, July 24, 2017 — OUR VIEW: NEWS JOURNAL’S NEGATIVITY ON NBA OPPORTUNITY IS BIZARRE AND TELLING Pensacola is one of two finalists to land the New Orleans Pelicans’ new NBA G League … Continue reading

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Time to Pay their Fair Share

I know we are all pleased having Navy Federal here. But, the elephant in the room is their failure to pay any federal income tax. As this article points out although the basis of federal tax exemptions for small very … Continue reading

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Staying Home New Year’s Eve

It will be interesting to see if the NCAA decision to have the playoff games on New Year’s Eve harms area restaurants for the normal New Year’s Eve dinner reservations. All of this is being dictated by the Rose Bowl … Continue reading

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Cheaters Never Prosper: Except in the NFL

Cheating Tom Brady, his cheating coach and owners received a minor penalty from the NFL today for deflating footballs so Brady could complete a pass.  The NFL embraces cheaters: Belichick  has cheated before and been caught.  Don’t  think about stripping … Continue reading

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“Good Try”

You can hear it shouted by parents at their kids as the child fails at various aspects of athletic competition.  Thinking they are encouraging their kids they send the wrong message.  What is a “good try” anyway? It suggests a perfectly executed attempt that through … Continue reading

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A Silly Meaningless Protest

I have never missed watching a Super Bowl. I will this year. I will because the NFL will do nothing about the Patriots cheating. Women beating, stomping on a player’s leg after the play is completed, paying bonuses to intentionally … Continue reading

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Poor Decision Making & Ineffective Leadership at FSU

Is anybody responsible for all the mistakes that have been made? Is anybody in charge at FSU that has any concern for student athletes or alleged victims of sexual assault above their own perceived reputations? How has all this happened … Continue reading

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