Outzen Journalism

Governor DeSantis did not rescind the nomination of Ashton Hayward to the Triumph Board. Former Mayor Hayward declined the appointment. Rick Outzen knew or, by any reasonable journalistic effort, would have known that Governor DeSantis could not rescind the nomination because it did not require Florida Senate confirmation. Outzen knew or reasonably should have known that former Mayor Hayward declined the nomination as had accurately been reported by the PNJ. One way Outzen publishes a false statement is by attributing it to another blogger, in this case floridapolitics.com. But Outzen didn’t even read the Florida politics article, he just saw Ashton’s name on a list. Had Outzen read it he would have realized this site erroneously said Ashton had been nominated to the Florida Commission on Community Safety. Outzen, so anxious to publish anything negative about Ashton Hayward, leaped to the conclusion that Ashton’s nomination to the Triumph Board had been rescinded.

That may be okay journalism for his owners and handlers but it is not in conformity with accepted journalism standards — not that he has ever given them much consideration.

Post Updated — Feb 28 2019 09:07 AM

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