Black Shoe Polish

Dressing up in KKK outfits and putting black shoe polish on your face. All just good college fun and for the Virginia Governor (Ralph Northam), fun in medical school.  Now the AG of Virginia (Mark Herring) says he did it, too…

This has nothing to do with political correctness. It is a window, however, into one’s character. I have never met anyone or recall ever seeing anyone do what these elected officials have done. I suspect most people haven’t either.  The affront to a black person is obvious. It denotes second class citizenship and is unacceptable offensive conduct. The Republican defense of Brett Kavanaugh was that it happened a long time ago so everyone should move on and respect what a fine fellow he is now. The Democrats, however, should unite and demand all these boys resign — it doesn’t matter when it happened, it happened. We can’t know how deeply it hurts black people, but it does, and we should care that it does.

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1 Response to Black Shoe Polish

  1. hmfwic says:

    “The Republican defense of Brett Kavanaugh was that it happened a long time ago. . .”

    Aside that the accusations were alleged to have happened a long time ago, I thought the defense was it never happened.

    The Virginia elected officials, Fairfax excepted, admitted to what they did.

    Politics aside, isn’t the real question whether people should be judged by who they are instead of who they were? Robert Byrd was treated differently.

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