Virtually every sports writer said “this was his best team ever.”

There really is no dispute. This was Alabama’s best team ever. Twenty-two 4 – 5 star players all going to the NFL. It was not the best team ever in the SEC; that was Florida’s teams with Tebow. This Alabama team though was an assembly of the finest football players ever brought together on one team.

But it all fell apart. How did it happen?

All fifty-four Alabama football coaches are meeting in a no holds barred session to determine who should be blamed. Poor defense, inept division one offense, terrible kicker, bad play calling, fall down blocking, poor conditioning. Was it one thing or a list of every possible mistake that could be made in a major game?  When recruits were promised stardom and fame because they were joining all 5 star teammates, should they have been told that failure was possible at Alabama?

It will take time to sort this all out. Alabama will continue to have the best recruiting classes, the most Sports Marketing majors in the nation and several players getting degrees. But, can they win some competitive games again? Only time will tell.

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