Stormy Saban

The feedback has been swift and very critical of my earlier post.  I never intended to be critical of Coach Saban. He called a brilliant game especially in the second half. No one could have suspected that he would call a fake field goal.  It was a total surprise to everyone except Clemson. This wasn’t a repeat of Alabama’s field goal attempt from 70 yards out returned by Auburn for a winning score with one second on the clock at the time or was it a Kirby Smart fake punt that looked like a high school play (he was 0 for 3 tries for the season.) No, as Coach Saban explained his plan was perfect, the execution was the problem. The kicker was supposed to block two defensive linemen each weighing 300 lbs. who could run like deer so the backup quarterback could sprint to a first down. If players don’t execute perfectly drawn plays it certainly isn’t the coach’s problem.   Every morning Saban and his wife lie in bed and watch the Weather Channel for an hour. A lot of people don’t appreciate that about him. Who could have predicted a perfect storm for all these Alabama coaches with literally a coach for every player on the field?

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