It Doesn’t Matter

It really doesn’t matter who is right or wrong — Kavanaugh or Ford. What has become obvious is the judge does not have the judicial temperament to be on the Supreme Court. He is quick tempered and has an abiding hatred of apparently every registered Democrat. He showed no respect for the role of the United State Senate, if not open disdain for it, and his caustic comments undermined public confidence in both the Congress and the judiciary. His testimony revealed a profound sense of entitlement and privilege. These are the character traits he has shown when under stress or when challenged.

I suspect there are very few judges in the country that believe he is fit for the Supreme Court of the United States. Polite as almost everybody has been questioning on the subject, he may have a drinking problem. He certainly had one in the past.


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2 Responses to It Doesn’t Matter

  1. says:

    “Belligerent Brett” might qualify as a judge of fraternity hazing rituals.

  2. NotaGOB says:

    Wow….Bobby K…..For once I agree with you on something.

    Usually your ignorance is so blatant. Like the time you cried about the East Hill Publix looking like a jail because of the concrete block structure required to make it withstand hurricane force winds. Obviously not having any idea about construction of a large building but that did not keep you from rambling on about how horrible the structure was for East Hill. Looks pretty good now that it is finished and the brick and stucco have been applied over the structure as in ALL BUILDINGS.

    However today I give you a slap on the back for finally saying something right for a change. I hope it does not end here and you reform your ways. I believe in people changing for the better.

    One question….what are you going to do with all that free time you will have now that your MORON Mayor Puppet Asshat Wayward will no longer be in a position to let you make decisions for him on how to run the city? Looks like between the two current candidates we will have a Mayor with a brain and whom have run successful businesses. Both understand how to actually get something done and I doubt either could care less about your ridiculous input..

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