White Men Partners Announcement

Arnold Kowiskiful has presented the City of Pensacola with a stunning opportunity. He proposes the development of a sex toys production and distribution facility at the Port. He promises 13 new jobs!

The plan is for the products to be shipped in from China via our port, repackaged after USA testing done here, and then shipped to Cuba. The jobs will be product tester positions and will pay a full minimum wage. Although he has had good luck just using volunteers, we told him we want good paying jobs. His company will distribute “dildo dividends” to the City of Pensacola based on the volume of sales to Cuba. This is a win win.

At White Men Partners LLC we are all about jobs and family values. You can maintain your standards and still make deals with people who are in businesses where we don’t necessarily agree with all their products. Mr. Kowiskiful has agreed to open an outlet store next to the Olive shop on South Palafox Street so we can buy his products at a discount — win win win!

We conducted the same intensive interview with him that we did with the rock crusher guys. Mr. Kowiskiful is the real deal in sex toys.


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