White Men’s Partnership LLC is proud to announce our significant role in bringing a new company to the airport. We have not met the owners, but we have been busy behind the scenes making this happen. We do not fully know what business they are in but we know they are foreigners. We were intimately involved in the strategic master plan to bring some business here. We now want to bring a highly professional rock crushing company to the port. More jobs!!

We did our due diligence! We talked to these men for one full hour before deciding it was a go. We explained what family values really means at the Port. They nodded with approval. They didn’t say much but we are good at reading faces. The fact we didn’t understand every word they said did not detract from the excitement we had for the crusher and all those good crusher jobs.

As many of you know, we were instrumental in bringing Navy Federal to the area. We are not a pathetic junior chamber of commerce as some critics have suggested. We are NOT washed up old white guy has beens. We also are not an exclusive old white man’s club as we have been called by people who don’t want jobs brought here. We admit black business owners for the same $3500 a year and they are entitled to all the benefits of full associate members.

We are all about jobs and we are not about side deals with rock crushers or any other job creators. Why is it in this community that where good honest white men get together and propose creating jobs there is a presumption of inside dealing, kickbacks, and other unsavory practices? Why?

We have lots of members and they all want the same thing – the best for poor people. Not more cushy high rise condos for rich Democrats. You could join us for $3500; send your check to the attention of: Mr. Chubby. We will give you a window sticker that says “We helped bring Navy Federal here”.

Join us today for a full or associate membership depending on admission criteria.


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  1. NotaGOB says:

    Your an Idiot Bobby K

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