Outzen: Governor my name is Rick Outzen and I am a local journalist. I was responsible for spearheading the drive to kill the fish hatchery here

Governor: I did not know that, what is your name again?

Outzen: Richard Outzen, I work for the interests of Quint Studer.

Governor: I know of Mr. Studer, so what is the question?

Outzen: Will you guarantee we will still get the fish hatchery project here but in another location?

Governor: I know the project will be good for this area.

Outzen: But, Governor both me and the PNJ, who helped kill it for Mr. Studer, want to know if it is still on but, to be built somewhere else because we are getting some bad community feedback about what we did?

Governor: Fish Hatcheries are important to Florida and I support them.

Outzen: It isn’t just me, Mr. Studer needs to be able to tell everyone he didn’t cost the community 20 million by having me and the PNJ kill the fish hatchery. He is still reeling from criticism about the 5 million the city gave him, the 60 million price tag for the ballpark and parking issues and other stuff.

Governor: Some of these public private partnerships end up being mostly funded by government and mostly profited by the private sector.

Outzen: Governor, we all know you have done a lot for us because of your relationship with Mayor Hayward. I never intended to criticize Mayor Hayward; it’s just that Mr. Studer didn’t want the fish hatchery near his property. You can understand that, right?

Governor: It is said he wouldn’t hurt this community for all the tea in China and he only seeks win-wins.

Outzen: I promise I won’t write a petty, sarcastic, rude untrue editorial about the Mayor if you will promise me that this hatchery build isn’t a dead fish. You understand all we wanted was to keep a place near the storage tanks for the poor people to sunbathe? We were just trying to preserve their proper beach place in the community.

Governor: Here is what I can promise: I will talk to the Fish and Game people who worked on this for years and spent 1.7 million of taxpayers money planning it and tell them if Mr. Studer promises not to change his mind again they should trust him. You know trust once broken is hard to mend.

Outzen: Does that mean we will get 20 million even though the hatchery is now deceased?

Governor: The money will be delivered here by courier after the election in November. I hope this community will support my candidacy for the U S Senate.

Outzen: We are all on board Governor. You can trust me, Governor, I am Mr. Studer’s media point person here and I give you my word as a editorial/ad salesman/journalist I will not make this in any way look like the Mayor did anything but try and help our community.

Governor: You promise?

Outzen: Rainbow scout’s honor and pinky promise (Pinky handshake extended).

Governor: What was your name again?


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