To Quint Studer and all those who helped him kill a 20 million dollar investment in our community with the accompanying loss of jobs, research to protect our fisheries and an educational tourist attraction. He couldn’t have done it without the help of the PNJ, a dysfunctional city council and Thing One and Thing Two filing a lawsuit. There will be no new location of the fish hatchery selected in our community, the state will look elsewhere. The state officials involved are too classy to say it but they are out of here and with it a tremendous investment in the city is lost.

A person who controls the city council and the print media warns anyone who is considering coming here to invest: you will be vulnerable to his whimsical manipulations. The State of Florida abandoning this project is an ominous warning to other investors — Pensacola is now clearly a one man town. Speculation may continue as to why he did it but there is no doubt that he did it.

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