Former candidate for the Presidency of the United States, Rick Outzen (Arizona 2008 primary) and former candidate for the city council, Maren DeWeese, announced while holding hands within minutes of the Mayor’s decision not to seek reelection, that they too would no longer have a purpose for their continued quasi-journalist existence.

The relentless mostly baseless tirades against the Mayor were fun while they lasted, Outzen said. He thanked his supporters and all of his anonymous sources for making his paper what it was. He pushed back however on the charge he annually sold his top 100 Influencers positions. Outzen said he and his co-editor C J Lewis and his Tilapia fry-cook co-owner assured they would seek other ways to undermine the Mayor in whatever future endeavors the Mayor undertook.

Our thanks to the one person who attended the DeWeese/Outzen “news conference” for reporting this developing story.

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