Open Carry

The United States Supreme Court just assured some semblance of gun sanity will remain in Florida. They refused to consider reversing the Florida Supreme Court’s rejection of open carry. Long championed by Matt Gaetz (Gaetz said on a WNRP 1620 AM radio interview he favored open carry, even in church), open carry would allow every misfit, coward, underachiever, and law enforcement wanna-be to strap on a gun and walk into restaurants and every place else — Look at me! A tough guy with a gun!

Open carry was universally opposed by all law enforcement. But the hard core Gaetz supporters loved it and so did he. The argument that “we have concealed carry so what is the difference?” misses the mark (no pun intended). The weapon is concealed and any effort used to intimidate someone with it is a crime. The visual intimidation of someone wearing a Wild West double-holster with six-guns is self-evident. We can all breathe a sigh of relief, as least for now.


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