Something Smells Real Fishy

Mr. Studer is circulating a survey that he claims supports his change of mind on the Hatchery. He attributes the survey results to The Political Matrix, though he claimed he hired them. No such organization is listed in Florida for a fictitious name. They appear to have a web site and their number one listed client is Rick Outzen. On their Linkedin page they claim “we are proud to be working with Rick Outzen and the Independent Weekly”. Of course Mr. Outzen is proud to work with Mr. Studer for a number of economic reasons.

Understanding Mr. Studer is the master of the survey technique where the survey results are used to sell or influence others. For many years he sold hospitals on how to convince the patient that their care was better than it actually was so the patient survey results were improved based on his nursing scripting techniques. Hospitals loved it because it meant they could get better survey results (hence greater government reimbursements) but not materially improving health care, for example, by hiring adequate nursing staff or giving patients private rooms. Nurses disliked the scripting because it required them to make phony caring comments and disingenuous patient friendly chit chat.

So, it is with respectful cynicism we wonder about these survey results that support Mr. Studer’s relentless push to shut the Hatchery project down. The primary questions are push-poll questions, suggesting the answer he wanted in the question asked. The intellectually honest first question would be: “Are you familiar with the proposed fish hatchery to be built in downtown Pensacola?” I would bet 90% would say they were not. That would render the survey invalid with any additional related questions. Instead the survey uses push-poll questions that intentionally and dishonestly provide the respondent with a negative impression of the hatchery.

1. Do you support the State of Florida investing nearly 10 million dollars of BP remediation money for the construction of an experimental fish hatchery on downtown waterfront property and an additional 8 million for its operation?

Notice the use of “experimental” and “waterfront property” and an unsourced need for 8 million more.

2. Do you think the mayor or the city council has provided adequate communication with the public regarding the details of the proposed experimental Pensacola Fish Hatchery?

Mr. Studer ran a full page ad laying out every conceivable detail when he supported it. The issue was widely covered in the media. Most people do not care.

3. If you knew that the $18 million experimental Fish Hatchery would only guarantee 8 to 12 permanent jobs for five years, on a scale of 1 to 5, how likely are you to support the project?

Notice the use of “only guarantee” and “experimental”. None of the other many benefits of the hatchery are noted.

4. Of the following locations, which area would you prefer an experimental fish hatchery be located between a new custom build facility at Bruce Beach or in an existing vacant warehouse at the Port of Pensacola?

Notice “custom built” implying a Cadillac where a Ford Focus would be adequate. Existing vacant warehouse suggests a facility was available and they could be moved in tomorrow which is not true for many reasons.

5. Would you rather see the largest city owned bay front property developed into a publicy [sic] accessible waterfront park or an experimental industrial fish hatchery?

Waterfront Park, next to massive storage tanks? Not suggesting how this would be paid for is not disclosed. He finally finishes off the push poll by “experimental industrial fish hatchery” . Tossing in industrial to make it all the more awful.

6. How happy are you with the Mayor’s leadership in promoting an experimental fish hatchery for Bruce Beach?

Everyone knows how Studer and Outzen dislike the mayor. The mayor’s leadership – Outzen and Studer just can’t let that go. The recurrent theme: promoting unhappy with the mayor’s leadership. Outzen is so oddly fixated on the mayor while Studer desperately wants to act like the mayor. A happy match.

So would it be rude to ask what does Mr. Studer have to do with this polling? Regardless, and more pointedly, did he write these push-poll questions? I suspect he did. It takes skill to write push poll questions like the ones used in this non-scientific, invalidly sampled survey —a survey he admits he paid to have conducted.


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2 Responses to Something Smells Real Fishy

  1. Dan Lindemann says:

    Why don’t you come ask me why I questioned the validity of the FWC lease? Just asking.
    Dan Lindemann

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