Fake News

While all the Trump people are bashing fake news, it might be well to note the benefits. Let me cite a few local examples…

If someone wrote a story saying Outzen apologized for his non-stop trashing of the City of Pensacola we would see three reactions: The vast majority could care less, but of the minority, some would see real hope that he had repented and would return to some form of journalistic honor. The remaining few would know that the news was fake and double down their vocal objection of him killing the community to get trade out ads. Contrast that with a true story that Outzen was continuing his bashing of the City of Pensacola and its Mayor and absolutely no one would even read it.

Another example…

A story is published that the Fish House manager apologized for ruining the ambiance of the historic district and agreed to tear down their garish flashing EAT NOW sign. No one would believe it. The benefit of such a fake news story however would be to highlight the level of offensive conduct the ARB permits for their friends.

Speaking of the ARB and their alternative facts , they recently rejected a night lighting of the new YMCA sign. An unequivocal insult to the generosity of the Bear, Levin and Studer families who gave millions to build the “Y.” Fake News would consist of a story about how each of the ARB members care greatly for the historic district and that the granting of permission for the lighted all night billboard sign was to help illuminate the streets of the historic district ( the need to do it would be an example of an alternative fact ) . The bogus story would go on to explain that since Zaragoza Street has street lights there is no need to have a Fish House type illuminated YMCA sign.

In Pensacola the ARB has just proposed a conflict of interest disclosure requirement that can be waived depending who is asking for what favor at the time. This is of course fake news because they would never pass a conflict of interest code.

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