An Embarrassment of Immense Proportion

The Florida Department of Transportation does what the governor wants done. The director keeps his job if the governor wants him to. We can only assume that the governor is indifferent to the planning and building disaster at I-10 and Scenic Highway, the fiasco of the three mile bridge contract award and the endless FDOT mistakes, like the Avalon Boulevard construction. The I-10/Scenic Highway mess is not only an awful sight, but it is highly dangerous as an unfenced retention pond.

So how does the FDOT get away with it? The same way they got away with handing us the worst possible design and the cheapest bidder for our new three mile bridge. The local politicians do what they are told to do by FDOT or FDOT will punish them by reallocating money away from the community. It is a fiefdom that operates outside the legislative appropriation process. They have their own “process” which is a system that operates better in the dark than a gaggle of swarming bats.

The Director never shows up in public to take responsibility for the disasters they cause.

We are a community of uneven highway lanes, the poorest highway construction contractors and neutered politicians that can do nothing about any of it. The incompetence of their three mile bridge contractor award is just beginning. We will face this FDOT decision for years with construction screw-ups and predictable major traffic congestion. They picked the cheapest contract bid after effectively eliminating world class bridge designers and builders by the way they set up the specifications for bidding. The FDOT used the money they saved on our three mile bridge contract for pet projects of powerful politicians in South Florida that FDOT needs to maintain this unchecked power of non-legislative appropriations. This is a corrupt system involving hundreds of millions of dollars and it was designed to do just what it is doing.

In the meantime they have sold these inane official blue and white lettered signs on the interstate to GEICO. The signs alert drivers that the upcoming rest stop is a “safe cell phone area” as if anyone needed that warning. Truth is they sold GEICO coveted interstate right of way signs and allowed them the same lettering as official FDOT signage. The irony will be when someone trying to read one of these signs plows into the car ahead of them.

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