One Amendment We Don’t Need

sun-solar-energyThis November, “Amendment 1” (The Solar Energy Amendment) will be on the Florida ballot. We have all heard the radio commercials and seen the TV ads promoting “solar energy choice” and growing solar “the right way” protecting the “rights of consumers.” Not so fast.

The November ballot Amendment 1 is being funded by big power companies. Duke Energy (Florida), Tampa Electric, FP&L (Florida Power & Light) and, yes, Gulf Power. Why would all of these big power companies support the passing of this amendment?

– Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente warned us all that Amendment 1 is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” that “actually seeks to constitutionalize the status quo.” Meaning gaining monopoly control over solar power by the existing power companies.

– Florida statutes and regulations already allow for the use solar energy by individuals. This amendment is a fraud on Florida voters. You will not find a single Gulf Power Executive that will own up to responsibility for what they are trying to pull off. Not one – none nada.

How can we tell if a state constitutional amendment is good for consumers? A good indicator is who funds this one, not consumer advocates it is the power companies. These companies dutifully operate our electric power systems. They do a good job and we appreciate and respect them for it. We want them to make a reasonable profit. This Amendment One scam however is beneath the dignity of every Gulf Power employee save the management responsible for it. Millions spent to convince us to give them control over our solar power. Dishonest and intentionally deceptive advertising to take away from us what we now have a right to possess, a new low for our power companies.


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