Move Here, Pay Taxes & Help Foot the Bill

According to our list of Public Record Requests, in 2016, Mr. Outzen has managed to equal his record request total from the previous three years, making over fifty requests this year alone (see image below this post). He always copies an employee of the State Attorney’s office with his requests suggesting he has their support, which is simply false. He can copy the President of the United States if he wants to and there is nothing anyone can do about it, but the reason he copies an employee of the State Attorney is to create the impression the State Attorney is supporting the request. Yesterday he announced on radio that “the State Attorney does not seem particularly interested in Sunshine violations.” Unfair and not true. Mr. Eddins’ assistant state attorneys have vigorously enforced violations of the public records laws. Mr. Outzen has kicked the wrong dog accusing the State Attorney of indifference to violations of law.

He has recently filed criminal charges against the Mayor of the City of Pensacola which were determined to be groundless. He has previously filed a false criminal complaint accusing an unknown person of committing cyber stalking which was patently ridiculous and filed solely to learn the identity of the author of “Dick’s Blog” — which had previously observed Mr. Outzen was not a journalist.

Mr. Outzen certainly has a right to file public record requests, but his almost every-other-day requests seem excessive. Mr. Outzen, who lives in Gulf Breeze, pays no Pensacola City or Escambia County land taxes, apparently has no reservation in making the City of Pensacola incur all these staff charges to produce records. His rage seems oddly myopically focused on the Mayor of the City of Pensacola. When he obtains the records he requests he does nothing with them because there has been no wrong doing by city staff or the Mayor’s office. In the meantime legitimate news agencies and private citizens are delayed getting their public records requests answered.

Far worse is the relentless bashing of our city (not his) and the negative image he seems hell bent to keep advancing. We need good jobs and businesses to locate here. Next time you see his weekly paper think about the harm he causes us all in our efforts to reach that goal.


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