Please Identify Yourself

“Some of these concerns were not wholly unfounded. Some were patently absurd.”

So reads a Pensacola News Journal editorial regarding the many questions that were raised about Senator Gaetz qualifications for the presidency of UWF. Sadly the PNJ writer offers no example of either. What does it mean to say not wholly unfounded? Is the writer of the editorial suggesting some concerns were unfounded? The PNJ owes it to the faculty, the students, the trustees and the public to provide the facts supporting this editorial writer’s opinion. What concerns were absurd? Which person made an absurd charge? What was it? What were the unfounded concerns? What were the well-founded concerns?

It takes 20 minutes to fire off an editorial where the writer makes no effort to prove what they are writing. Yes, it is an opinion and no you don’t have to have any factual basis for it, but this is not a weekly blog, this is a Gannett newspaper. Will the writer please stand up and identify him or herself and provide us with a bit more detail?

Andy Marlette also criticized Governor Scott with a bombastic editorial attack. Does anyone know though what information the Governor had about Senator Gaetz that he could not disclose publicly? How can anyone rationally reach the conclusion that what the Governor did was petty retaliation politics? No one knows what the Governor said to any trustee — if anything. Maybe he saved UWF an embarrassment that none of us, including the PNJ, understood.

It is easy to understand the cabal boys spreading this baseless rumor, but the PNJ? You could only reach that editorial conclusion if you were a big Don Gaetz supporter and upset he was not selected. Few responsible newspaper writers would malign the Governor of this state with absolutely no factual support.


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1 Response to Please Identify Yourself

  1. Ryan says:

    I can’t believe this either – I don’t have a very high opinion of the PNJ. That is very unprofessional.

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