Mr. Negative

ricks-radio-showRick Outzen was interviewing Mr. Studer on Outzen’s radio show and the two of them were lamenting the terrible negativity associated with the UWF presidential search. They mix exposing the truth with baseless criticism. Now isn’t this a pretty picture? Mr. Negative interviewing the guy who gives $$ to politicians who give him tax breaks. If you mention it they whine that you are negative. Mr. Studer says we need to get passed this in our community. We will when high profile people conduct themselves honorably. Till then pointing out dishonorable conduct or politically rigged deals really needs to continue.

In this community (where Outzen does not live), what we really need to do is to expose all of the hypocrisy by people claiming to be benevolent community benefactors. Go ahead and do good, just don’t brag about it. That would be a good start.


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