Is It All Unraveling?

There was a troubling disclosure From Ms. Suzanne Lewis at the UWF Board of Trustees meeting yesterday. She said that someone from Greenwood–Asher (the search firm) had recently contacted her polling her ranking of the candidates. Dr. Greenwood remained silent after Ms. Lewis made that disclosure. Why would the search firm be trying to ascertain how a Trustee was going to rank candidates before the Trustees had any information about the candidates? (Which is an euphemistic way of asking how they were going to vote.) What other Trustees were contacted? Who did Greenwood–Asher provide their polling information to? The search firm was not tasked with conducting a ranking poll before the finalists names were given to the Trustees or at any other time.

The Trustees should determine how the foregoing occurred and why. It was the intellectual integrity of the individual board members displayed by their comments that was the highlight of the day. They should now ascertain what actually happened with the Greenwood-Asher polling of the Trustees. More to the point, why would a search firm ever conduct such a poll unless they were asked to do so? If so, who asked them?


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