Important Survey Results

In an effort to replicate the surveying of Pensacola’s Young Prostitutes, we have conducted our own unscientific polling that violates every possible aspect of a valid polling. Here are our results:


In regard to Mr. Studer…

Do you believe he should stop running half page ads extolling how wonderful he is?
Yes – 11 %
No – 6 %
Never read the ads – 83 %

Do you believe he should pay more in taxes and lease fees to help pay $60 million debt the city has to pay starting in 2017 for his ballpark?
Yes – 31 %
No – 6 %
Had no idea the city owed $60 million – 66 %

Do you believe candy is good for little kids?
Yes – 67 %
No – 6 %
Only if it is free – 27 %

Do you believe Mr. Studer wants to run the entire city?
Yes – 51 %
No – 6 %
Just the downtown portion – 44 %


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