Straight Answers Are Not Easy For Politicians

Don Gaetz told this to the committee in regards to the pending lawsuit (read the entire complaint here) against his former company:

“It is also in the public domain that the company I joined with two others in founding has a challenge from the federal government because the Feds say that some of their patients lived too long. It is a hospice company supposed to take care of people 6 months or less. Some of these people got such good care they lived a little too long. So the federal government said that was not the plan. So now there is an audit going on with that. My understanding is that will be concluded very favorably for the company. But it is an audit that I had nothing to do with and over which I have no control.”

What does this answer mean? Is Mr. Gaetz unaware his former company is being sued by the United States of America?

Indeed, the Federal Government may have “challenged” his company, and his former company may be doing an audit including evaluation of the time he was an officer with the company. And yes the company internal audit may find it all quite fine. But, the truthful answer is his former company is being sued by the United States Government for fraud. Fraud involving the most offensive conduct: Cheating the Federal Government involving sick, elderly and dying people. The lawsuit is not going away; it is set for trial in February 2018. Was Don Gaetz with this company when the alleged fraud was ongoing? How in the world could the search committee accept this answer without any further questions? (See video clip below, 13:05 – 13:46) They should take him through every single allegation in the lawsuit and ask him to respond. This politically selected committee may elect to refuse to inquire about Mr. Gaetz redistricting fraud but how can they avoid asking about this lawsuit?


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