Experience Credit

It is ironic that the search criteria for UWF presidential search includes an “experience credit.” This credit the search terms provide may be “superior” to a terminal degree, the offering of which is product of an accredited university. Among the educated in higher education, this “experience credit” is generally advertised available in the pay-for degrees offered online or found acceptable in junk colleges from strip-mall campuses. The search criteria doesn’t define what the experience could be that would be superior to a terminal degree. It’s not a conspiracy theory to observe that declaring “experience” could be superior to a terminal degree was included for Don Gaetz who only has a master’s degree from Troy.

Would it be rude to ask though: If it is not experience in post-secondary education, what type of experience would be superior to a terminal degree? Is this the first new step towards preeminent status? Is experience credit towards UWF degrees next?

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