A University Should Be a Place Fostering Intellectual Honesty

It is no secret that the power that runs the University of West Florida is geared up to make Don Gaetz the next President. It wouldn’t take ten minutes to figure that out looking at a majority of the search committee membership. It may be that Greenwood-Asher selected as the search firm is coincidentally located in Miramar, Florida in Okaloosa County, but it does not have the best appearance given Senator Gaetz home county of Okaloosa.

Then there is this special invitation letter to the people listed (see image below). Senator Gaetz used the UWF Argo Club ostensibly to introduce community leaders to Senator Negron. Several of these people are either on the search committee or the board of trustees. However, all members of the search committee were not invited and all members of the board of trustees were not invited. The major community leaders were not invited, the mayor of Pensacola, the chairman of the Escambia County Commission, nor were other elected officials and community leaders. Senator Gaetz has never explained why he invited who he did. The University noticed the meeting a few days before it occurred, but there was no widespread publicity about the meeting. These invited guests were seated around a connected square table arrangement; any member of the public who went to observe did so, but were not allowed to sit at the table designated for the invited guests.

It may be that Senator Gaetz never applies for the job. If he does however, it will require the immediate disqualification and removal from the search committee or the board of trustees of every one of these special guests who received this letter invitation and attended this meeting. Not a single one of these invited guests asked Senator Gaetz at this meeting if he was planning on applying for the position of the President of UWF, yet that was the most obvious question that should have been asked by each of these people. Had he said he might apply, they should not have attended if they were serving on the presidential search committee or as a member of the board of trustees.

UWF Faculty-Staff Newsletter

Sen. Don Gaetz Letter

UWF Presidential Search Committee
Mort O’Sullivan, Chair
C. Wayne Ansley
K. C. Clark
Jason Crawford
Dr. Pamela Dana
Dan Doyle, Jr.
Athena DuPre
Rick Harper
Clay Ingram
Dr. Steven J. Kass
Scott Keller
Dr. Eric Kollar
Collier Merrill
Jay S. Patel
Steve Riggs
Bentina C. Terry
Christopher Thrasher
Garrett Walton
Pat Wentz
P.C. Wu

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