We are delivering a case of Kleenex for the City Council. These tissues can be used any time they lament their waning significance while wringing their hands sobbing that no one is paying any attention to them.

Cry Cry Kleenex Box

While recently declaring that the city is in open rebellion and chaos is in full at City Hall, they have only the deranged bloggers who will listen to them. Even though they pay their “CEO” more money than the Mayor, they know that deep down he shares their profound grief and despair and as tough as he is even an ex-cop can cry boo-hoo, too.

And one of their number will soon fade to obscurity leaving no one to lead them to their dream of privileged free parking. While they weep over the fall of the City that leaves them no time to take care of the problems of the peasants, like the food trucks.

“Let them eat Sushi” say our town criers!

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