FDOT: An Unpleasant History

While we anxiously await how the FDOT will get our 3 mile bridge contract to their favorite contractors, you may wish to read the below articles. The system has always been rigged. The FDOT is run by the contractors for the contractors. They leverage every politician so they can’t oppose how the FDOT operates. People you will never meet and who are accountable to no one in our communities will decide how $500-600 million will be spent.

We were denied the participation in the bidding process of one of the world’s great bridge designers. It was intentional. Our local bridge advisory group was ignored throughout the planning phase. The FDOT’s claim for interest in public input is all for show, they could care less.

No one can do anything to stop them. It is an entrenched system of spoils for the insiders. Our two communities will be greatly harmed.

The same old crappy FDOT bridge is on the way notwithstanding the shallow effort to dress it up with lipstick. We could have had a world class signature cable span bridge. It could have been fantastic for economic development. But no one here can buck these guys. Miami said “hell no” and the FDOT folded and capitulated to build a 1.4 mile signature bridge for 600 Million. Miami successfully stopped FDOT because the leaders in Miami were united.

FDOT - Scenic Hwy-I10 interchange

Look at the I-10 interchange at Scenic Highway. An embarrassment of immense proportion and FDOT did it with no local approvals or local opposition. Worse they lied to the elected officials who asked them what they were planning.

Now they say just trust us.

We wrote the Governor and complained about the entire RFP process for the 3 mile bridge design. The FDOT investigated themselves and found no wrong doing. It was just business as usual.

Don’t worry your little heads about it we (FDOT) are going to give you a real nice bridge that will be good enough for your communities

Three high-speed lanes grinding to a halt in Gulf Breeze. Three north bound lanes facing a traffic light right at the terminus in Pensacola. The insanity of the plan and the highly questionable process of selecting the designer and the likely design combine to make this $500-600million dollar boondoggle a guaranteed disaster from the inception.

State Road Reports Find Potential “Illegal” Activity But Never See the Light of Day
While Two Companies Dominate North Florida Road Contracts FDOT Shrugs

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