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By the Water Boards

Ms. Myers is right. Many of these City and County boards need to be either eliminated or have their purpose better defined. For years the word on the street was when you need something from one of these boards, hire … Continue reading

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FDOT – The Final Insult

The FDOT will hold a special unveiling of their preferred contractors, not here where the communities will be impacted by their decision, but where? In Chipley — a town with one red light. So unless we rent a bus of … Continue reading

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We are delivering a case of Kleenex for the City Council. These tissues can be used any time they lament their waning significance while wringing their hands sobbing that no one is paying any attention to them. While recently declaring … Continue reading

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FDOT: An Unpleasant History

While we anxiously await how the FDOT will get our 3 mile bridge contract to their favorite contractors, you may wish to read the below articles. The system has always been rigged. The FDOT is run by the contractors for … Continue reading

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