Who Actually Follows this Advice?

Who follows this advice? “Studer: What if my boss is the problem?” (PNJ, 5/21/2016)

Mr. Studer’s advice is ill advised in an at-will employment state like Florida. There is no requirement that an employee can only be fired based on just cause. In Florida, an employee can be fired for no good reason at all. The only exceptions are terminations based on discrimination.

If you polled 100 of the area’s best employers, I doubt there is a single person that would agree that an employee should follow Mr. Studer’s advice. It is a guarantee for termination sooner or later. Bosses are not required to sit down and chat with employees to make sure the employee feels good about their “relationship” with the boss. This “D.E.S.K.” is hokey nonsense. There is likely not a nurse anywhere in any hospital in an at-will employment state that would ever follow this advice and no hospital would suggest a nurse do so.

However, Mr. Studer has invited his employees to express their concerns with his management style and they should all line up to do so. You will not find a management book by a respected author that would support this pseudo-subordinate friendly compliment –boss criticism-compliment suggestion. How in the world did he dream this up? It all sounds so lovely. If only the real world bosses could be so tolerant of complaints of disgruntled employees.

Please Mr. Studer tell us which (if any) hospital that you advise has adopted your suggestion. The nurses employed there would like to know.

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