The ARB, oh my goodness, what a group they are. They approve a massive billboard in the middle of the historic district the second it was requested because of who requested it. They have no standards, no buildings identified as historic and no criteria for historic preservation. They meet and make ad-hoc decisions depending on who is asking. This is simply the way it is.

Why is it?

Because, with no standards they can pretty well do whatever they want to do, either to someone or for someone. The idea they always table requests is true when they want it to be and not true when they don’t. It all depends on who is asking.

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2 Responses to The ARB

  1. B. Perry says:

    A talented group of architects, designers, and historians, all volunteers taking up their time to serve the community, listened to the evidence, the community and made their own individual decisions. I didn’t see you at the ARB meetings? Is your opinion sour grapes?

  2. Jim Hunt says:

    We need an inspector general to ensure local government personnel (elected, appointed and employed) know their duties, responsibilities and limitations as civil servants.

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