Ask Your Restaurant Server

BASA FISHDon’t rely on “grouper” or “snapper” or any other fish being what is presented on a restaurant menu. Ask your server to tell you if the restaurant is substituting Basa fish or any other species for any fish on the menu. Basa is now being imported from Vietnam and appears similar to gulf fishes.

The problem is Basa is a catfish farmed raised on the Mekong River, one of the most polluted rivers in the world. DO NOT EAT IT. If you have any information that any local restaurant is substituting Basa or any other species for grouper, snapper or any other gulf fish, write and tell us. If you can, photograph the shipping box with the restaurant address send that to us.

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1 Response to Ask Your Restaurant Server

  1. Locals have known for 20+ years that McGuires does not serve fresh local fish as advertised.

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