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Who Actually Follows this Advice?

Who follows this advice? “Studer: What if my boss is the problem?” (PNJ, 5/21/2016) Mr. Studer’s advice is ill advised in an at-will employment state like Florida. There is no requirement that an employee can only be fired based on … Continue reading

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The ARB, oh my goodness, what a group they are. They approve a massive billboard in the middle of the historic district the second it was requested because of who requested it. They have no standards, no buildings identified as … Continue reading

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Excellent PNJ Editorial

The Sunday (May 15) Pensacola News Journal editorial ( give a link ) was outstanding. Editorial: Too Early to Change Charter

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 TISA BID ANNOUNCEMENT The TISA is accepting bids for airport bathroom genital checkers. Minimum opening bids will be set at $100,000.00. Checkers will be empowered to check the genitals of anyone appearing to be an incompatible user of any airport … Continue reading

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Rick’s Radio Show

BREAKING NEWS — We interrupt our story of the invasion of the Martians and the two nuclear bomb explosions today to bring you reporter Marlon D. Weis reporting on the latest development of the Pensacola fired Fireman…

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Ask Your Restaurant Server

Don’t rely on “grouper” or “snapper” or any other fish being what is presented on a restaurant menu. Ask your server to tell you if the restaurant is substituting Basa fish or any other species for any fish on the … Continue reading

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Tit for Tat & the Last Word

For the first time in the history of the Pensacola News Journal, the editor will not allow a “Letter to the Editor” that criticizes her or the PNJ. If they do publish a letter that criticizes the PNJ, the editor … Continue reading

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