Two Flew Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest

cuckoo-clock-042216Dissent is good. The right to expose corruption wherever it occurs is unique in this country. In virtually every other country in the world, you can be arrested for exposing corruption. Politicians need to be challenged every time they make a decision on anything that impacts the lives of their constituents. That is good for everyone. Sometimes those that criticize are wrong, but that is equally ok. The right to expose corruption carries with it the possibility that innocent mistakes will occur, but the greater good is accomplished by the exposure of corruption.

We can’t however, let the nuts take over the asylum. Especially the nuts with irreconcilable economic conflicts of interest like Outzen. Although Deweese is a much better writer than Outzen, she is equally off balance; not because of conflicts of interest, but because of an avowed dislike for the targets of her rages. Irrational rants from whatever motivation need to be exposed almost as much as public and private corruption.

Where is “Dick’s Blog” when we need it so badly?

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