The R(D)onald

GOP LOGOIt was supposed to be a simple scam on the voters. Have Trump treated like a viable candidate and watch the TV debate ratings soar. Another shallow minded Reagan-type celebrity; just what Republicans needed to juice up interest in a not so impressive field of candidates. Trump would never be a serious candidate and, in time, he would implode or explode — at least that is what they thought would or should happen.

It was reality show entertainment with terrific TV ratings and all was well in the Republican Party.

But then, something happened during the exploitation of Rush’s low information voters. They thought The Donald was saying some things they liked. The racists, the bigots, the self-acclaimed religious, they all heard things they longed to hear. The real face of the base started to be revealed. They had their new “Ronald.” Then, as the Party promoters’ designed joke became actual reality, the “leaders” of the Party and their talk show constitutionalists decided the low information voters needed to hear the truth. The Donald was not the Ronald and the whole thing was a massive fraud by a con man who even fooled Sarah Palin.

Oh, gracious! How did this go so wrong for the Party of Lincoln?



All women who confirm attendance to see Little Marco must wear flats. Short supporters are urged to attend. Booster seats will be preinstalled on all chairs. No questions will be permitted about when Marco’s parents “fled” Cuba.

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