Fire Starter Award

Pensacola News Journal editor Ms. Nellessen-Lara selected her top reporter to cover government affairs: Will Isern. She knows his background and decided that he was particularly well suited to be assigned the most important beat at the paper.

Is it possible Ms. Nellessen-Lara also awarded the reporter the “Studer Fire Starter” designation?

There could be some resulting confusion, however, because he actually is a fire starter. He is on felony probation from Tennessee for arson. He was arrested again locally for another crime while on probation for arson and put on concurrent probation.

Ms. Nellessen-Lara is ultimately responsible for the editing and the approval of Isern’s stories. His recent story involving a contract with Roads Inc. was the paper’s typical baseless slam against the Mayor. Libeling a local business in the process of libeling the Mayor, however, was not such a good idea. The PNJ will have to print a retraction. They left out the most important fact: the contract was the product of a low bid determination by Hatch Mott MacDonald. She just loved the implication of wrongdoing in the article even though she knew there was no wrongdoing or, she was too lazy to ask city officials involved what really happened. We wonder if Ms. Nellessen- Lara and the “North Hill probation office location objector lady” are going to suggest moving the probation office to the PNJ building. Might be a good solution for their respective problems.

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