Outzen – Oops Again

Outzen had quoted his blogger friend who wrongly wrote that airport concession revenues were down. Outzen then dreamed up a reason for the “decrease” blaming it on the opening of Chick-fil-A.

Take a look at these numbers and it is crystal clear the company that won the RFP fairly and honestly has done a terrific job over the vendor who lost the RFP…

• The initial revenue amount established in the FY ’15 budget for the food and beverage concession was $300,000. The total revenue collected thru September 30, 2015 was actually $454,813.20. Therefore we collected $154,813.20 more than we budgeted to collect.

• The gross sales for OHM for FY’15 were $3,333,223.47, as compared to gross food and beverage sales of $2,430,261in FY ’14 when the operation was split between Verona’s and OHM for the year, and as compared to gross sales of $2,412,591.35 for FY ’13 when Verona’s operated the concession.

• In August 2015, a budget resolution was performed, adjusting various lines in order to balance the Airport’s overall budget, and the food and beverage line was one of those adjusted because overall Airport revenues were coming in greater than forecast. For the November 2015 budget resolution, lines are again being adjusted, and with respect to the food and beverage revenue line, the amount is being adjusted to match the actual revenue received. Again though, the amount received for the year is $154,813.20 greater than what was budgeted.*

Honest competition where the old guard doesn’t have a fix in means the taxpayers are millions ahead. Isn’t that what these businessmen all claim they want — fair competition? When they get it and lose however, they resort to what has always worked before; getting favors from the city council.

This time it didn’t work and congratulations are in order for the Mayor and those on the council who stated clearly, the rules apply to everyone. No one is entitled to public assets simply because they have political pull.

*Source, City of Pensacola CFO

Airport Billnoard

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