Who will Win the Jail Prize?

Are the private land owners who are trying to sell their property to the county for the new jail, walking the halls of the county commission? It involves millions, so it may be happening. The PNJ has refused to disclose the owners and Outzen, as usual, is conflicted.

Both of these competing owners are in agreement on one thing: A free site for the jail on the Super Fund property is not good for either of them. So, we are hearing “concern” floating around that the free site to the taxpayers is not so good. But, the EPA has said the site is perfectly safe for a jail. The site is not good for much of anything else. A perfect solution for the taxpayers is to build the jail on this Super Fund site. That is so obvious that the only way the County Commission can justify paying private owners millions, is to dignify this feigned “concern.”

One of the two private sites is actually next door to the Super Fund site and adjacent to an elementary school. This would be a great way to have parents tell their kids, “Stay in school or you’ll end up in the new building next door!” Hard to imagine the School Board or the Superintendent are keen about the idea.

Get a Site for Your New Jail FREE

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