A Kinder Gentler Jeb Bush, Teacher Bashing

Seen all the TV ads with little kids in private schools?

The ad excoriates the teachers union for hurting these helpless children who love their private school. The ad calls for an end to the lawsuit. What lawsuit? The lawsuit to declare this Jeb Bush scheme unconstitutional.

Here is how Jeb set it up: He had the legislature create a private foundation euphemistically called “Step Up For Students” to launder large corporate donations anonymously. These corporations, run by Republican buddies of Jeb, get a dollar for dollar credit off of taxes they owe the state if they give “donations” to this foundation in Jacksonville that doles out the money as tuition for private schools.

Most of these private schools are religious. The Florida State Constitution prohibits the state from directly or indirectly supporting religious organizations. The entire scheme was designed to undermine public education funding. Jeb has been at war with the teachers who teach in public schools because he is obsessed with breaking the teachers union.

step-up-for-studentsThe objection to these big corporate donors who unconstitutionally divert their tax obligation money anonymously, money which is due the taxpayers, to a foundation run by Jeb’s cronies is the issue in the lawsuit. This foundation, by the way, is the only one in the state that is allowed to pass out the money. It is in reality a non-legislative appropriation of tax revenues to private schools, most of which are religious. Instead of paying state-owed taxes, these corporations pay that same amount to Jeb’s foundation and that foundation selects which private schools they will support with our money.

These TV ads are a little short on truth.

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