It was the Other Guy—Not Me

In the Tallahassee Democrat, State Senator Don Gaetz was blasted by a fellow State Senator for rigging the redistricting plan. Gaetz is refusing to talk to the press, but in the past he has blamed “staff.” Senator Gaetz was the face of the Republican plan to pretend to care what citizens thought about redistricting. He went all over the state conducting phony public meetings ostensibly to gain public input. It was a giant fraud headed up by Senator Gaetz. The State Senate has honorably admitted it but Senator Gaetz continues to deny his major role in the scheme.

This article from the October 22, 2015 edition of the Tallahassee Democrat (a Gannett paper) can be read at this link (click on image):

Tallahassee Democrat Newspaper

Also available as a PDF here.

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