Not a Pretty Picture for Democrats

For Democrats it is not a pretty picture.

Even the audience for the debate was corrupted by the Clintons. Why does anyone who watched the debate care what cheers and jeers came from the audience? It was all Clinton Theatre.

Everyone sees what they want to see in Hillary. For me, I see someone who is dishonest on all fronts, on all subjects, all the time. She and her husband have amassed a fair fortune from his speeches. The conflict she had as Secretary of State with Bill’s fees for speeches to foreign payers is troubling. And that’s putting it mildly. Last night, a rehearsed statement by Bernie Sanders that the American people didn’t care about her emails, may be his opinion, but it is neither mine nor the opinion of many others.

Sanders-Clinton 10-13-2015

It is in the nature of politics that lies are told. Hillary Clinton however, has topped them all with her account of “off server” official State Department emails. She intentionally created a shadow email system to conceal official emails from government servers and from the American people. No one on that stage said one critical word about it. To dismiss this as of little concern to the American people is, in a word preposterous.

Not a single person on that stage rocked the Clinton boat in the slightest. The Clintons have nailed down the nomination for her and everyone knows it. Joe Biden would be a good man to run but, it is over. We have her. There is nothing anyone can do about it.

Let’s see who the Republican’s end up nominating. There may be a lot more Democratic defectors than people think.

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