Difference Between a Professional Politician and a University President

John Thrasher is proving that powerful politicians who are academically qualified (which he is) are making great university presidents. There are other examples in Florida, as well.

Don Gaetz might one day be a fine university president, however he has to change. John Thrasher is a good example for Mr. Gaetz to follow. Mr. Thrasher understood that the ways of political manipulation, double-talk and deal cutting are mutually exclusive with the role of a university president. Mr. Thrasher made a public announcement that he would seek to be the president of FSU. Open and honest, Mr. Thrasher knew when he announced there would be opposition, but he accepted it and responded to it.

Mr. Gaetz should do likewise if he intends to seek the presidency of UWF. But, what we are seeing early on might be politically clever (like having Dr. Bense stay an extra year thereby delaying the search committee and denying to everyone that asks that he is planning to seek the position), it is however not the honorable thing to do.

That is the difference between a university president and a full time politician. With a university president, intellectual honesty is the rule, not political expediency. John Thrasher proved it can be done.

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