GEICO Confiscated our Rest Stops

This great plan started in Virginia. GEICO pays the state to allow them to post signs on the interstate right of way ostensibly to alert drivers that they can use their phones at the next rest stop.

So, let me see if I have this right…


Drivers’ attention is diverted to a commercial sign in blue and white like an official state of Florida sign. Since the signs look like official Florida DOT signs, drivers are reading these new signs. This new signage assumes that a motorist would not realize that they can use their cell phone from a rest stop unless they see the GEICO signs.

How did this come about? It was all a big scam to pay the state to get these official looking commercial signs in the face of all motorists traveling on Interstate 10. Worse still, the U.S. Department of Transportation signed off on the deal. About the only thing we can do in protest is buy insurance from anyone but GEICO.

Coming next will be a picture of their “GEICO Gecko” which is now displayed on the Virginia signs.


So, how much did Florida get for selling our rest stops to GEICO?

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