A Statesman for the City

Ashton Hayward has a remarkable statesman’s demeanor. Our Mayor in the face of protecting the greater interests of the taxpayers has faced a gaggle of screamers demanding their respective historically granted entitlements of government lease and contract deals. Despite the outrageous accusatory rhetoric facilitated by orchestrated press manipulation he uttered not one word in response to these baseless accusations. He offered no return insults and made no comment about the legal reasoning for his decisions which he secured from independent lawyers.

It’s what we wanted in a strong Mayor and we got it.

Pensacola Florida Downtown

These benefits the screamers sought took various forms, but of late have included not paying lease fees owed to the city, rigged concession leases at the airport and demanding one-sided lease deals that were contrary to the taxpayer’s best interests. These entitlists have always gotten what they wanted in the past. Now required to play on a level playing field, they don’t like the even chance. They want the game continued tilted in their favor. The rules we all abide by have never applied to these insiders. But that is the old way, the way the political “host committees” preferred in their supported candidates. Those days are over, they now have to play by the same rules everyone else does. There is no kissing of the rings of the old guard required any more.

When you get a chance thank the Mayor for the many great things that are occurring in the city. And thank him for not responding to the insults. It is a remarkable attribute and rarely seen in today’s shouting match style political discourse.

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