Sleaze Abounds at the PNJ

Where is the PNJ publisher? The publisher in newspaper organizations is where the buck stops. Where is she? Has anyone seen her? The “executive editor” meanwhile just wrote a fabricated fact column. She quotes the Mayor from a secondary source and then says an unnamed and unknowable other source told someone she knows that what the mayor said is not true. She tries to make it look like a statement made by a third party was “authorized” by the Mayor according to her second hand double hearsay secret source.

Sleaze Abounds at the PNJ

In the old days this kind of sleaze would get people fired by a competent publisher. Not today. She has presided over and approved every dishonest sentence flowing through these recent Studer controversy editorials and news accounts. She has prevented any disclosure of the countless conflicts of interest her writers and the PNJ have with Studer. She is responsible for it all. She has been here a few months and writes about “our community”. She can’t find main street. The Publisher, who purportedly is in charge arrived, August 1st of 2015. The last publisher lasted six months. While she is here her job is to keep manufacturing controversy to sell papers to kick up quarter profit numbers for Gannett and then these people will move on. Like Sherman’s march to the sea, everything is destroyed in their wake.

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