Cheaters Never Prosper: Except in the NFL

Cheating Tom Brady, his cheating coach and owners received a minor penalty from the NFL today for deflating footballs so Brady could complete a pass.  The NFL embraces cheaters: Belichick  has cheated before and been caught.  Don’t  think about stripping their Super Bowl win though.  It would cause turmoil with the NFL money flow.

Can you imagine playing golf with Brady or Belichick ?  Think they would call a penalty on themselves for violating a rule that no one else saw?  Oh that’s right I forgot, they only cheat at football…

Listening to Mike and Mike the other morning they were laughing how one of them cheated regularly and how prevalent it was in the NFL.  Great for kids to hear.  Cheating is good, just don’t get caught.  Can’t wait for next season.

~ Bob Kerrigan

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