Donna Clark Unedited Email Response to Voter

Ms. Donna the Diva can’t write, can’t spell, has poor grammar and displays a profound level of trite.  Here though is a telling fact: she writes to someone who knows her very well but refuses to support her for Mayor.  As for the “pastor’s [sic] on the take”, I suspect their congregations would like to know who these pastors are.

Echoing an aspiring bachelorette, she professes to be in it for the right reasons which should have reassured the recipient of the email who may have thought otherwise.   Donna’s post is a personal testimony of sorts with a sprinkling of wanting more government with less outsourcing, redistribution of wealth and concern for youth.  She also shows disdain for the wealthy which is actually quite astute, particularly those who wear Rent The Runway designer dresses and eat fancy cake.

The following is an unedited email response Donna Clark recently sent to a voter and posted on her Facebook page:

Thank U [name redacted] for your time and life to write your letter to me. I am
a Christian and I am in this for all the RIGHT reasons. It is for the
benefit of others straight forward. I have made my way in life so to
speak and all that knowledge will be used to move Pensacola forward.
Economics, is key right now as so much has been outsourced in other
directions financially that it has hurt us. The Storm has hurt so many
lives and still they are in a hurt and some have lost all. We are the
poorest of Cities in the State…we have the worst Health in the
State…..our drop out rate from high school is the highest..our crime
rate is very discouraging especially where our youth is involved. Now
I will tell you this, A man I know who is very wealthy in our
community said this to me now keep in mind what I just wrote…I said,
why have you Not supported my campaign we have sat on boards etc. you
know what I can so! He said we do not need change……………I said
your really going to stick to that ? yep I see NO change needed. This
is one reason why I must win because these folks are the problem. They
have polarized Pensacola for along time, for many many years. These
folks keep their wealth and truly do not care and we have Pastor’s on
the take too..Thank you again for your letter. Have a wonderful day!

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