Time to Grow Up

Reading this agenda of the City Council, one has to wonder who is in charge. The pettiness of many of these “issues” is self-evident.

I wonder how many of them realize how foolish this makes the entire council look?  Recall the mayor, pay the mayor as little as possible, make the mayor come to every boring speech-laden meeting and require the mayor to be one of them.  For the responsible, mature members of the council, this has to be a source of embarrassment.

Then, for added good measure, they want to make the taxpayers pay for their private staff, their dedicated lawyer and on and on. If there are changes that should be made to the charter they are lost in the childish demands for attention represented by this agenda which essentially seeks to gut the charter and go back to the way things were.

Time for the adult leaders of the council to take over and end this whining and complaining and get back to the business of their assigned responsibilities under the charter.

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