Good Things Happening at the Port

Reference Pensacola News-Journal, June 15, Business section headline: “Port Director Miller optimistic about port’s future.” Actually, this is not news. Something good is always about to happen at the Port of Pensacola.

Here are a few examples of past “good news” items:

• “NAFTA portends a well of opportunities for Pensacola.” Pensacola News-Journal, August 28, 1992. Port business with Mexico has been almost non-existent since NAFTA was approved.

• Chamber of Commerce announced an Italian medical supply company would move here and import through the Port of Pensacola, October 1992. The company never showed up.

• City officials: “… things are starting to turn around overall for the port.” PN-J, December 18, 1997. Financial reports continued to show losses.

• Port Director: “Port of Pensacola alive and well and making money.” November 30, 2000. The State Auditor rebuked the City for publishing information that was inconsistent with audited financial statements.

• “Port heats up exporting frozen chicken to Russia.” PN-J, March 21, 2010. The frozen food operation went bankrupt.

• “McCormick revitalizing the port”. PN-J, March 16, 2014. McCormick’s company is regularly behind in lease payments to the port.

Genuine good news from the port is scarce. Instead, nostalgia and wishful thinking generate unrealistic expectations.

C. C. Elebash, Retired finance professor

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