One Cheer for De Luna

Our annual self-parody, the DeLuna Festival, never fails to bring a smile. One thing you have to give them: with the (mostly) all-white celebration of a failed conquistador and the pairing of a middle-aged DeLuna with a pretty young queen, they yield no ground to political correctness.

OK, so DeLuna isn’t Alexander the Great. They are celebrating the myth. Jesus wasn’t really born on Christmas and nobody cares. The DeLuna Festival doesn’t meet the prescribed level of diversity or or the current liberal notion of gender equality. The participants are associating with people like themselves and doing what they want without breaking any laws, an exercise of freedom available to anybody who isn’t white. I for one prefer liberty with all its offensiveness to political correctness. And though I would never be invited and wouldn’t go if I were, I applaud this particular exercise of liberty. If the practitioners of identity politics who divide the world into oppressors and victims are offended – all the better.

~ Bill Rankin

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