“de Loony”

We mark each year here with private drinking parties reenacting the landing of Don Tristan Deluna.  We make no mention of his many failures nor the fact of bringing along 100 black slaves, spreading disease and fostering starvation while gold hunting and trinket trading.   We also look past the record of perhaps one of the world’s worst naval captains.  He was pretty much an incompetent disaster.

The Indians and the black slaves were not big fans of his either.

But given the history of the white man and what our ancestors did to those they “saved” both here in our little settlement and around the world, he was not so bad.  It is therefore only fitting that annually we provide police escorts to bus-loads of drinkers and party goers but — reserve the grand ball to invitation only guests.  The poor have no place at the banquet; beads thrown to them at the parade is enough for them to be happy and have a meaningful role in the community celebration.

~ Bob Kerrigan

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