Sad Ending for

Dicks Blog

We laughed, we snickered and sometimes delighted in what we read until she gaffed someone we liked. Threatening criminal charges and other reprisals those most offended set upon a course (still ongoing) to try and discover who wrote it. The worst of the bloggers accustomed to launching baseless attacks, harmful innuendos and spreading gossip were outraged by the very idea that they were being laughed at and ridiculed. They demanded an apology from this anonymous observer.

But, for what?

For doing onto them what they had done unto others?

The trash they published every day was exposed by Dicksblog through parody and humor to be the smelly garbage it was. We will miss her and we hope she visits our port again though to be sure the army of lawyers ostensibly defending the reputations of their clients will use all legal means possible until they can identify the talented writer of

When they do the offended bloggers will proceed to unleash an avalanche of baseless character attacks because for these self-proclaimed journalists there is no effective sanction for doing that what they do best – ruining decent people for attention and personal gain.

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